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Cymtek is a Beauce-based business that specializes in hardwood wholesale. Located in St-Georges-de-Beauce, it was founded in 2008 by it’s president and main shareholder, Cynthia Paquet. Professionalism and devotion make Cymtek the ideal partner for all your projects. The name Cymtek is the result of a combination of 3 key words : Cynthia, for the name of its founder, Cime, which in French, signifies the tip of a tree, and teck, reminder of the company’s work’s technical aspect. Cymtek currently employs 2 people at its main office, as well as many sub-contractors in Quebec’s Bois-Francs area.

President , Sales & Purchasing Director:

Profile : Having worked in the wood industry for over 12 years, Cynthia began her career as a wood buyer for a components manufacturing company, and later became a representative for a lumber drying company. Her passion for the wood industry quickly made her a much in demand candidate for wholesalers. Many years of experience, acquirred with completed trainings, conventions attended and numerous business related travels, brought Cynthia to start her own company. She then established stategies and partnerships with several sawmills and sub-contractors who share the same values and have the same passion for their work. Highly-skilled and extremely resourceful, Cynthia is driven by the motivation of offering you the very best, always.


Cymtek offers its customers, lumber of an exceptional quality, perfect for crafting cabinets, floors, moldings and furniture. Furthermore, it can be added to staircases or architectural components. The main services offered by Cymtek are: the wholesales of green and kiln dry hardwood, coordination of transportation, storage and importation. We also offer wood drying services, surfacing and two-side ripping , and we can width sort upon request. Lumber is classified according to the NHLA grading rules or, as per custom-made standards. Cymtek, a name that stands for express delivery, competitive pricing, and efficient service.